Thursday, May 27, 2010

195. The Wheel Weaves as the Wheel Wills

It sure does. Again and again and again. Sigh, sometimes it's a bummer, sometimes it's great, and sometimes, it's just...bleh. You know what I mean?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

194. The World Cup Cometh

It's gonna be a long, hot and busy summer...just the way I like it. The defending champs, and my fav team, have no chance of retaining it. No Totti, no Nesta, no Cassano...and for the love of all things holy, there's no new Roberto Baggio. The great pretender, Giovinco, is out injured, and hasn't had the best of seasons.

So, I'd go for Argentina or Spain. Why? Because in Messi, Xavi, Iniesta and Villa, they have the best players in the world that's why. Will be tough for the Argies though, that Maradona fella is a crack head, and I'm sure he'll self-destruct, and bring his team with him, sometime during the Q-final stage.

Portugal to win it? No chance in hell. As with any African team. Lots of talent, but lacking in mental strength.

Brazil? Functional and efficient, no flair. They just might win it. Dunga knows what he's doing, he's modelled his team on the '90 winning side he played in.

And England? Well fuck them. Over-hyped muppets are doomed for sweet failure once more. Good coach though, but with wankers like Gerrard, Ferdinand and Terry in there and about, well, they have no chance. Self-deluded sods the lot.

Forza Italia!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

193. The Surface of the Sun

This is a remix version of John Murphy's The Surface of the Sun from the little seen but compelling sci-fi flick Sunshine. For non-film geeks out there, Sunshine was directed by none other than Danny Boyle, whose wide-ranging directorial credits include the brilliant Trainspotting, the under-rated travel thriller The Beach, zombie apocalypse feature 28 Days Later, and of course, Slumdog Millionaire. For those of you keen to explore his earlier work, Millions and his debut Shallow Grave are good bets.

Now John Murphy is one of my fav film composers, his tracks have an epic feel to them that elevates any scene to an entirely new level. Besides Han Zimmer, I think no other composer right now has the scope of his scoring. This track was used to good effect in Sunshine, but was even greater when in Kick-Ass for the Hit-girl rescuing Big Daddy scene. It made it the most intense and emotionally powerful scene you'd ever see on film this year.

Also check out his In the House - In A Heartbeat from 28 Weeks Later (which was also used to good effect in Kick-Ass).

192. At the Double

Now for the Big One. C'mon you Blues!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

191. The Pride of Malaysia

Ah bliss, looks like this year will top the last one in terms of the comedic value. We're not even midway through yet and we've already had trigger happy cops upping the ante, a hilariously inept sodomy trial, an even more inept murder trial involving our beloved Watchmen, and of course taking the cake, this wonderfully poetic attempt by a fellowship of true Malaysian patriots to hold a rally celebrating the wonders of diversity, equality and togetherness today, the 13th of May, a date that brings back the most beautiful of memories for all Malaysians, young and old alike.

Awww man, it's great to be Malaysian. Just lovin' it.

Monday, May 10, 2010

190. Champions

Barring a ludicrous turn of events, Chelsea wins it. About time too. Now for Aguero next season to bring the Big One to the Bridge.

C'mon you Blues :)