Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Dyer Hell

During last season's run in, among Fulham, Charlton, Sheffield Utd & West Ham, Neil Warnock is the reason why my girlfriend preferred the Blades to be relegated. Besides cute behinds and high cheekbone, the manager's attitude and appearance during his post-match interview also counts for points in the female EPL table. Jose would've won the Premier League hands down until perhaps Justin Timberlake takes over a club. As for me, due to geographical reasons, I would prefer the London clubs to stay up too. However, the league needs more colourful characters. I've been subject to the mind games with the same few old men, name-calling, from Arsene's selective eyesight, no-penalty-zone in Old Trafford, the people vs. the Special One, Liverpool's revolving door of managers. But credit given when credit's due : a special mention to Rafa for his gay goatee and dropping the Little Red Riding Hood reference in this current young season.

Back to Blades, Neil was brutally honest to a fault, if you listen to him moan, you get to know the slippery inside track of what went on in EPL locker room of players and managers. Most managers will bite their tongue to spit out what's really on their mind when they're on tv, Neil would occasionally due to rage & overwhelming emo, break that unspoken rule.

That team was always willing to fight and scratch, a genuine 9-5 effort you'd expect from the working class, on the pitch. It's not to say their football is easy on the eyes, Blades football. And sexy cannot to be put in the same sentence. They had themselves all to blame, Carlos Tevez or not, had they not taken the foot of the pedal when they were 10 points clear at a point in time, they would've stayed high and dry. But this you already know.

The Hammers have been collecting bad boys with bad reps, and using a corny line from a corny movie or maybe they've watched Any Given Sunday one too many times, they vowed to use their dark side to become masters of the universe. From cowboys to angels. From New York Knicks to Spurs. From Robbie Williams to Westlife. However since their Icelander owner revolution, the Hammers injury jinx have been well chronicled, starting with Upson, Neill, Ljundberg, Parker and now Dyer (see pic, Ouch! and see what number he's wearing). Somewhere in east London, Craig Bellamy is sweating his pants as we speak.

There's no crying over split milk for Sheffield Utd to West Ham, time heals everything. At the rate of how both clubs are doing, they can knock themselves out in the Championship next year.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


There are more pressing issues in the world today - fued over the resource-rich Arctic, climate change, credit crunch, Hurrican Dean, what to buy for my girlfriend's upcoming birthday, etc..

This is another - should one's wife attend the ex's memorial? I love it when payback is a bitch. Pun intended. RIP Princess.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

126. The Scent of Love

From Michael Nyman's The Piano score, this track is probably one of the most moving pieces of music ever written. Utterly and devastatingly heart-rending, but ultimately beautiful. For it is through the song's passages of sorrow that its beauty chiefly arises.

This has none of the calm and reflective majesty of another favourite piece, the second movement, Adagio un poco mosso of Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 5 in E-flat major, but it is nonetheless a remarkable composition. You could almost feel the pain and anguish of the composer's heart as if they were your own, deep and dark emotions boiling and simmering underneath, always threatening to spill over. And as it reaches towards it's climax, those feelings are finally unleashed, amidst an explosion of thunder and fury, of blissful release and wrathful reckoning. The heart is truly an organ of fire.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

125. The State of Affairs

What does it tell us about the state of things in the world when the whole Paris Hilton in jail affair dominated the headlines of mainstream news channels for weeks on end? Not much I tell you. Not much at all.

We're fascinated by celebrity, the power of it both excites and horrifies us. We're as much seduced by it as we are sickened of it. Maybe it's because, to most of us, it will always elude us. Yet it offers us a glimpse of that life we are so quick to judge and abhor, while at the same time secretly yearn? We might even tell ourselves of how we'd be different if we were in their shoes. Yeah right.

Hell, if I were anywhere as rich or famous or powerful as any of them, I'd probably be dining off naked Japanese women and get carried around by my legion of slaves (this entire walking nonsense is surely over-rated) for the rest of my life. And I'd get to watch midgets mud wrestle and people I don't like being fed to lions for entertainment. Oh yes I would.

Just as power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely, thus so the same rule could be applied here. And we humans are a corruptable bunch. Just ask any politician in office now. Sure, for every hundred Nixons, you'd get a Gandhi here and there. But whilst Nixon gets a presidential pardon, Gandhi gets whacked. If history has taught is anything is that the more corrupt or morally dubious you are (say a Henry Kissinger, an Idi Amin or a George Lucas) , the more likely it is that you'd escape prosecution for any crimes against humanity you committed, and enjoy to live to a ripe old age in peace. While if you're Gandhi or General Maximus, you're as good as dead meat. So any idealistic and hopeful ones amongst you in the crowd, snap out of it before it's too late ya.

Speaking of idealism, I fully believe that this season Chelsea will shed the negative tactics of yesteryear and add a more dynamic dimension to their game. They'll capture the imagination of the masses, just like the Arsenal of four-five seasons back and the pre-Beckham Madrid team led by the master Zidane pulling the strings and the forceful Makelele in his prime, with Roberto Carlos and Salgado galloping down the wings. They'll make the critics eat their words and bring tears of joy to the eyes of all proponents of the Beautiful Game. Oh yes they would. Now, if only we had Kaka, Ronaldinho, Messi, Eto'o and Henry to make that a reality.

Paris "Gandhi" Hilton: "Always aim at complete harmony of thought and word and deed. Always aim at purifying your thoughts and everything will be well. Also, buy Burger King!"

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ol' blue eyes

This photo is the main reason for this post. It's all over Manchester..*shivers*
Yes, Sven is back with City. He spent millions on players he saw on TV only. He asked one of his new signings, 'Why do you want to come to Manchester United?'. Their new owner was recently issued an arrest warrant while on self-imposed exile here. This dodger must be thinking the mud doesn't stick in England.

But the Blues are 2nd in gameweek 2. Let's hope Mr. Ol' Blue Eyes keeps his finger on the trigger. True City fans will say they can afford to lose in their Manchester derby this weekend and still be ahead of the champs. Happy days indeed for the north west blues.
Ol' blue eyes is fill in your punchline.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

124. Convergence

That's the catch-phrase now. Everyone and everything is into it. It seems that we're getting more and more connected. Or are we? Hmmm...