Monday, June 24, 2013

258. Dastardly No More

It's been a good while since this Blogger has posted anything of note here, maybe since way back in 2005 when this blog first started. Jeez, that was a really, really long time ago.

Perhaps this Blogger was of the wider-eyed and gaping mouth variety. When everything was still fresh and young, and there was still wonder left to be discovered in the world. I'm sure there still is, albeit harder to find.

Now then, words these days come harder. Inspiration too. Ramblings seem even more childish and pointless now than it seemed then. These days time is a rare commodity rather spent living than musing.

That's what happens. Inevitable and unstoppable.

So does this mean this blog is at an end? Well, never say never. Heck, who knows? I could start blogging every day from now on. Or take it to the next level by Twittering and Tumblring this shit right here.

NAH, not happening.

Well, what's there to say? As an Anne Rice would say, the blog Dastardly Musings, it left me. I'm not saying that I'm leaving it forever or no longer muse of dastardly things anymore. It's just that it's harder and harder to take the time out and put it into words.

Jeez, this is depressing. This blog has been occasional and irritating outlet of this Blogger's life for the last 9 years or so since it first was born into being by the promptings of that Swedish half-breed Yelpo and after feeling overly affected by the devastation of the Indian Ocean tsunami. That was pretty rough man, I tell you.

At that time blogs were blooming. And I happily jumped on that bandwagon as, who am I kidding, I had nothing better else to do. And I loved writing. I still do, dammit.

It was good. Writing something on the web for the world to see is sort of invigorating. No doubt this blog has very few visitors, it was still fun. Your shit's out there, no hiding man.

Looking back at some of the posts on this blogs, there are many that cause me to cringe when I read them, and a few I thought were pretty decent, and perhaps 1 or 2 that I'm pretty happy with. Which ones? No way I'm telling anyone. All I can say it's those few posts that evokes memories of sunny times that always brings a smile. Sunny times and bright shinny people I love and will always remember.

Well, here's to you guys and to those times. A tip of the hat to you all.

This blog will return, that I promise you. It's just taking a little breather for a moment.