Wednesday, September 27, 2006

83. More Than Meets The Eye

Right if you're like any other guy who's actually a geek at heart, heading over to the cinema for the past few years surely seeing your innermost wildest dreams come true. Kinda like waking up to find the nubile Jessica Alba sleeping snugly beside you in the morning.

Excuse this mental impasse....the mere mention of the Jessica Alba gives cause for a moment of silence in respect of that hotness personified...but honestly though, for me, no one can surprass Laura Palmer as the ultimate famous person fantasy. Laura who? Well, if you don't know who that is, then surely you are damned. Alright, so she's not actually a real person, but it's my bloody fantasy so I make up my own rules. Twin Peaks was the greatest thing ever on the telly, I dare you to disagree.

Ah, but I digress. What I mean by having your dreams fulfilled is seeing your ultimate childhood faves come to life on the big screen. Top of the bunch would be the brilliant celluloid adaptation of The Lord of the Rings (though, in retrospect I felt that The Two Towers was rather ponderous and The Return of the King was slightly clunky, only elevated to true greatness due to the build-up and actual Battle of Pelennor Fields...The Fellowship of the Ring is hands down the best of the bunch).

Then comic book fans had rather well-made screen versions of Spiderman and X-Men. Not to mention a kick-ass Batman (can't wait for Ledger as Joker in The Dark Knight! WORD). And for once, we had a Star Wars prequel that was worthy of being called a Star Wars film.

And now, now we have The Transformers. Fuckin' more than meets the eye fellas. I can almost forgive the fact that Michael Bay is directing. It's the fucking Transformers man. Optimus Prime. Megatron. Freaking Unicron...UNICRON!!! Holy shit-o-rama! Woo hoo!!! It's just way too cool to see those big giant robots transforming into shit. No way did I think I'd see a non-animated Transformers movie in this lifetime!!!

So we geeks patiently wait for Summer 2007. And I'm sure somewhere out there, there lies a untapped script of boundless potential titled The Thundercats. The who? Well, I'll tell you who...Thunder...Thunder...Thundercats!!! HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

You know I'm bad-ass

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

82. Pure Shores

So, this is it. Back to this so-called life. After a week-long sojourn in just about the most awesome place known to man, it's down to the daily grind once more. Yeah dude, this is your life, and it's ending one minute at a time. So no point kicking a shit-storm about it eh.

You know it's funny. Sometimes we can't help but feel how fucked up things are, be it because of a crummy job, a shitty relationship, having enough not money, having a bad case of indigestion, being born short, being born ugly, being born with a tiny pecker, and in some cases, being born at all. The world may be going to hell and back, yet we just can't help but think of how bad things are for ourselves. Typical eh.

Sure you might be earning a tidy sum, and drive around with a respectable car, and you might be dating a looker...but hell, you could be earning so much more, and fly about in beemer convertible, dating one of those FHM top 100 chicks while you were at it. Ain't that all so sucky-yucky? That you can't have all that? Fuck, plain unlucky eh? Being passed on a promotion, not winning that lottery, not being able to bang an Amber Chia.

We're freaking takers. Face it. Nothing is enough. What we can't get, we want. And yet somehow, when we get it, it fills us with an emptiness of being. So we go on wanting more. Heck, a hell a lot more.

Putting things in perspective, beneath that bright sheen of the tropical paradise that was visited, you can't help get yourself exposed to it's seedy underbelly (entirely willingly I might add). And people who live their lives there are people who sometimes struggle to get a meal a day. Maybe people who have to sell their bodies and souls just to feed their families. And mind you, they are people. They're not a statistic from the UN. Not a number you see flashed about on CNN.

Yeah I know, sometimes you can't help but detach yourself from it all. Of course when you view the world in your comfy sofa through that 45 inch plasma of yours, you think, shit that's bad. In fact, that's downright horrible. So you feel bad. That feeling may linger a bit, a few hours, maybe even a few days. But it passes. It always does. Because we can never really connect unless we're there first hand. And when we're there, we can't help feel the pull, the pull to perhaps do something?

Be the change you want to see in the world. Gandhi said that. But he was one of the few who had actually the strength and conviction to make good on his words. Not many of us can say the same. We can help, but how much? Is the little we do good enough? Does it make a difference, or does it make it worse? Are we weekend saviours? Because it's the trendy thing to do? Or is it our conscience talking now? We take so much away that it eats up our souls, and rots us to our very core. So we give something back so we can feel better?

Heck if I know. But I do know this. There's no limit to how much we can complain about our perceived predicaments in life. Yet it's always good to remember, that we have it good, damn good compared to so many others.

You see a snapshot in a week of how bad things can be for some, and you go home to your own world, and feel sorta bad for these people. Yet, this is their lives, the whole year round. And no matter what you say or do can change it. At least not at this moment.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Friday, September 01, 2006

80. Nuts

Hang a sec...West Ham has just signed Tevez and Mascherano? You're fucking kidding me right. What next? Ronaldinho to sign for Wigan??? Adriano to sign for Reading??? Kaka for Bolton??? Right, I promised myself no more posts about football for the rest of the year after I went all apeshit during the World Cup but this just had to be posted...come on, Tevez and Mascherano??? West Ham???

No freaking way.