Monday, July 17, 2006

75. Peace

We each of us seek some measure of peace in our lives, to still the restlessness in our hearts, and stay that emptiness that comes to past every now and then. Sometimes we find it, be it through others, and sometimes within oneself.

Yet other times, that disquiet shall not be stilled. Every walking hour may seem altogether too long or too brief. The bright light of day brings no comfort and the nights seem harsh and cold. We've all been through that, in some form or another. Mostly due to loss, be it the departure of a loved one or that moment in your life when everything seems entirely confusing.

But, hope we must, you hope and you pray; that these storm clouds shall past, and that there'll be light again one day.

It may not be easy, yet life is never easy. And you know that you won't have it any other way. The measure of a person is how they respond to adversity, how they define themselves through action and sheer force of will. Strength from within. Not all of us can find it, but to not do so is to stay in eternal wistfulness, and therefore wastefulness.

There's nothing more to say really, just that we have to be steadfast, and persevere. Hey, in our little ways, that's what we humans are good at, ain't it? And perhaps true lasting peace is never achievable, when you really think about it, how can it be? Maybe it's enough to have those special moments in our lives, remember how they made us feel, and the people whom we shared it with. Because once you have those moments, it'll last with you, for a lifetime.


Sunday, July 16, 2006

74. Turkey job

This week, as tensions escalate once again in the Middle East between Israel and Lebanon, with the threat of a full-scale war breaking out, and oil prices soaring to record highs, the world should sleep soundly knowing that they can count on our Brave Leader of the Free World to guide us through these perilous times...

Friday, July 14, 2006

73. Full Circle

Here we are. Back where we started. The circle closes, but as soon as it does, it opens again. The Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills, and all that stuff. No alarms and no surprises eh.

On the brighter side, there's much more to look forward to eh, well there better be.

Monday, July 10, 2006

72. Triumphant

Call if fate. Call it luck. Call it sheer force of will. Whatever it is, Italy are the champions of the world. Deservedly so for the tournament they had. France were better on the night, but Italy has been better over the month. Ironic that it was Trezequet, he who broke Italian hearts in Euro 2000 with that golden goal, who was responsible for the only missed penalty of the night.

And Zizou? Brilliance is often tempered with madness, and it was on display for all the world to witness. First the impish penalty. Then the violent headbutt. Whatever his sin on the night, no one can take away his legacy. The best player since Maradona. The genius who made the ball sing. Au revoir Zizou.

Stand up for the Champions now. Stand up.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

71. Zone of the Enders

Right. Get with it. The Azzurri v les Bleus. Hope it's gonna be spectacle worthy of a World Cup final. Barring that, let the best team win. The Italians of course. But the best team throughout the tournament will not necessarily be the best team on the night. Let justice prevail, as it did 6 years ago in Holland. Italy were brilliant on the night, but France were brilliant throughout the tournament and ended worthy winners. Let it be the case tonight, by Crom!

Iacta alea est!

Conan wants an Italian victory. The other guy didn't agree with him.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

70. Allez France

So it's the French then. Repeat of the Euro 2000 finals. Revenge is in the offing.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Zona Grosso!!! Zona Del Piero!!! Fucking fuck hell!!! Brilliant!!! Happy birthday Maldini!!! Happy birthday Baggio!!! ITALIA!!! ITALIA!!! ITALIA!!! ITALIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

68. Muppet Watch #3

No, it's not the pathetic England team this time round (though they come pretty close). Neither is it the flops of Brazil (who admittedly lost due to a supernatural performance from the majestic Zidane, keen to prolong his swan song no doubt). Surely this week's muppet must be that Peker-man, bad pun intended of course.

Leading against the Germans, he decides to withdraw an attacking player (albeit a somewhat subdued Riquelme) for a defensive midfielder. Then he takes out Crespo for Cruz with the Maradona-heir in waiting sitting on the bench. Rather predictably, they go on to concede a late equaliser. And fluff their penalties. Such a bloody waste...the Argies have been by far the best team this World Cup. Ah well, better a possible semi-finals against the Germans than the Argies for the Italians then.

Let's also take the time out to bid a fond farewell to the Three Lions. They came with big reputations and the egos to match, and left with the typical English response to defeat: plenty of excuses and wild-eyed ranting. Blame Johnny Foreigner!!! Those bloody cheats!!! Blame the ref! Bloody Argie! Blame the pitch! Too hard, too dry!!! Blame exhaustion!!! Of course we know it's too tiring to kick a ball from 12 yards, eh, eh?

Ah, of course the nation of Alan "I dived for England" Shearer and Steven "Did you see my swan dive against Hungary?" Gerrard never cheat. Nay, never. And Rooney's the saintliest player in the world, a real angel that one. No, he didn't intentional trod on Carvalho's vital bits. It was all in good humour eh. 'twas a good-natured tap on the balls right.

When the English press stops foaming in their mouths, they'll come to the realisation that England were actually crap. That the only players who escaped with their reputations intact are Walcott, Jenas and Bridge. Only because they didn't play. And because they didn't have much of a reputation to begin with. Lampard? Second best player in the world? You're having a laugh right. Gerrard? EPL Player of the Year? Probably, but just not good enough against the big boys. And Rooney? The next Pele? More like the next Vinnie Jones. Now bugger off.