Thursday, March 31, 2011


The first quarter of the year almost over, this means most will be running just to stay still, grafting in the twilight zone between after lunch to dinner, your cubic desk, chasing deadlines and fast food.

It doesn't always have to be. In an alternate world, there are wide open spaces where multitasking is unnecessary. Time was to able to tick slower than your rebooting laptop. For a change you look forward to the day, enjoying the day.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

228. True Grit

"You must pay for everything in this world, one way and another. There is nothing free except the grace of God,"

- Mattie Ross, taken from the film True Grit (the superior 2010 Coen version)

There isn't. There are no free lunches. Everything comes with a price. Like our determined protagonist finds out by the film's end. And though she refers to Rooster as the one with "true grit", the viewer is left with no reservation of whom the film's title refers to.

It takes a special breed of people. To go beyond the call of duty, and to do what's right. With no regard for life and limb, only holding unto truth and a steadfast belief in something more than themselves.

We're seeing it day and night throughout the Middle East and Northern Africa. People rising against the might of their oppressors. As history is apt to show, the will of the people shall not be swayed by the corrupt few.

In Japan, a group of dedicated workers at the Fukushima plant are perhaps serving answering the call of duty one last time. They put themselves in harm's way with no regard for their health. Some surely will perish. Some sooner, some later. All are at risk to cancer. All are aware of the danger, yet they still forge ahead.

That is true grit. If only we could more often measure ourselves against this kind of strength, rather than the strength that power and money brings.

Friday, March 11, 2011

227. Mew Mew

So Arsene continues to hear the screaming of the lambs in the cold of night. Mew mew, they cry out, the hapless screams fill his ears and haunts his dreams.

6 years...6 long's humanly impossible to go without for so long...especially for a Top 4 club with lofty aspirations...he wanted to do it his he said...the pure way...yet when it came to it...his team were made to look like Leyton Orient...

Nay! 'Tis not fair! This is not how things should've played out in the grand scheme of things! It has to go my way! Mine! Mine! Mineeeeeee!!!!

Thus he rages...he rages against everything and everyone...he blames dodgy referees...even though his team had only 30% possession and had a single shot at goal before the sending off...he says he felt his team were superior...if only...if only there was no sending off...

Considering that they could've been a man down themselves and would've conceded a penalty at that point is irrelevant...nor is the fact that the score should've been 15 nil...but who cares? If things don't go down the way that Arsene sees fit, then things don't go down at all.

Manure...finish these poor sods off...kill these whiny bastards for good and for the love of the game (but only in the FA Cup, mind...Chelsea just might sneak something!).

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

226. Six Years

Since Arse last won a trophy. Not even the Mickey Mouse. Not even that.

The Blues face off against Man United this morning in what should've been a key match but instead is relegated into a grudge match of un-epic proportions.

If only good ol Ray was around. He would've realised that the Blues are badly in need of some magic in midfield. Function is so early 2000's. Barca shows us the way.