Tuesday, June 05, 2012

247. Hazard

He's finally ours. Troll or no Troll, Hazard is a Blue now. And we'll love him to bits. For the first time since Robben, Chelsea has a player who'll run at players. He has that little bit of fantasy to him as well, just like Zola. With all due respect to Mata, Hazard is that marquee signing Chelsea has been waiting to make since the days of Sheva and Ballack. Even those two were over-the-hill. Hazard is up and rising, and his star can only get brighter. He might not be consistent throughout, or reach the great heights we're expecting of him to hit in his first season, but he'll get there. I know he will.

C'mon you Blues!

Sunday, June 03, 2012

246. EURO '12

Ze Germans are coming! Ze Germans!

Surely, it's their time now. Barring Spain, they have the most talented squad in Europe at the moment. From back to front, they're class. Hummels will surely develop into the best defender in the world. Calm in possession, quick in thought, and has an eye for the pass too. After Thiago Silva and Kompany, I personally rate him as no. 3 at the moment. Complimenting him in defence are Lahm and Boateng, solid and consistent performers every team needs to make it. In midfield, they're bursting in the seams with talent. From Ozil to Gotze, Schweinsteiger to Muller, they've got a good mix of experience, creativity and aggression that will see them far. Gomez up top is a proven goal-scorer (Champs league finals notwithstanding...a final that Chelsea won! CHELSEA!!! CHELSEA!!! CHELSEA!!!).

My bet is on them, unless Spain can pull herself out of their current lethargy. The success of Barcelona has clearly taken it's toll on this team. Barca players like Iniesta and Xavi have look a bit jaded. Plus Villa is injured. And the fact that they've been so successful in the last two tourneys makes a treble success look unlikely. I'd love them to win it however, as when on form, Spain are still the best team in the world.

And my Italy? Well...any team that has Giovinco, Pirlo and Cassano surely can compete. But to go all the way? Not likely. There's just too much mediocre talent in the team now. Good as he is, Giovinco is no Baggio or Del Piero. Cassano is erratic. Pirlo is reaching the twilight of his career. And the defence is susceptible to lapses in concentration (case in point, the 3 nil reversal v Russia). It shames me to say this, but Italy's defence looks the weakest in ages. Baresi and Maldini would weep.

And Inger-lund? For once, not much hype. Justifiably so. This England team has no stars, no imagination, and plays an archaic 4-4-2 formation from the dark ages. They will be solid. They will be tough to beat. And they might nick a goal or two with their long ball tactics. But win it? Hell no. Seems to me that they're following Di Matteo's Chelsea blueprint. With some exceptions. It was written long ago, in the secret scrolls of the divine football Old Ones that Chelsea would win it this year. With the comedic and tragic Drogba as the hero. Against the football gods of Barcelona did Chelsea prevail. Unjust? Perhaps...but Barca's had too much success already. It was Chelsea's time. Only for the reason that success will probably bring us Hazard and Hulk. For Inger-lund to do it? Naw man...too much sin and hubris has been committed by this team. Fat Lamps has been punished with his injury. Terry will too perhaps get his reckoning. But enough of the tourney muppets...time to get your EURO on.

Last word to Hazard, you internet troll you. You better sign on for Chelsea or I'll freaking break your legs!!!