Wednesday, August 31, 2005

32. Get Your Freak On

Ok, get freaked over here. After watching, check out the other clips here. Apparently, this whole thing was a big hoo-ha over in Brunei over the past month.

Real or staged? Who the hell knows...either way, it's all makes the skin crawl...

If you're like me, and have a morbid sense of curiousity, you can do your own research. Check out this blog from a chick in Brunei for the goods.

Now then, I can't really say whether there's a supernatural element involved or if it's just a psychological thing, but I've seen something similar happen in my old university before, and man, you just wish you weren't there to see it 'cos the memory sometimes creeps up on you while you're alone in a hotel room when outstation on a job or are driving on a deserted road with no street lights in the wee hours of morning...

On a side note, I wonder why some people suddenly become overly patriotic on the eve of independence day when they couldn't give a shit about anything any other day? It's like, all of a sudden, everyone starts dancing and singing to that Sudirman song and party like their lives depended on it, all the while making a huge mess of everything. Not a complaint here, just an observation.

I dunno, can anyone of this post independence generation really relate to what happened a little over half a century ago? We were never part of that era, and no matter what anyone says, I don't think we can really feel the spirit of that bygone age. All we have are grainy black and white images of long dead people basking in all that nationalistic fervour. Well, whatever has come and gone since that momentous day, let's just say that they're pale imitations. What do you and I have to do with this country in the first place? And can we really sincerely say we have strong feelings for it, other than it's a hella great place to live in? Honestly, think about it. Put it this way, if our country would ask us to die for it, would we? Naw, just thinking out loud here. Don't mind me.

The mind's a monkey. Ah well. For what it's worth, it's also grand to see those out who truly love this country enjoy the festivities. My friend calls them lemmings, that heartless bastard, and kicks up a shit storm everytime he sees anyone of them out there celebrating. Well, now then, that's just way too much hating. But to each his or her own eh. Sometimes, we can just get too cynical for our own good. Peace.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

31. Nothing Is Certain

Except death and taxes. And maybe stupid random posts on this blog.

But that's why we thrive eh? On all that uncertainty swirling about us. We all waltz in chaos to a certain extent, difference is some people enjoy that merry dance more than others. It boggles the mind.

Today on this glorious Sunday afternoon, whilst most people are out enjoying the great outdoors and are basking in the warm sunshine outside, there those few of us who toil away locked up in our little cyberspace worlds, oblivious to anything other than what we see infront on our screens. And we ponder on these dark, deep thoughts of chaos and uncertainty.

Thank God I'm not one of them. Later, have a good week y'all.

Monday, August 22, 2005

30. Such Is Life

"My father is a rich man,
He wears a rich man's cloak,
Gave me the keys to his kingdom coming,
Gave me a cup of gold.

He said I have many mansions,
And there are many rooms to see,
But I left by the back door,
And I threw away the key."
- U2, The First Time

If life were only that simple...I think most people, if given the choice, would keep those keys and give no thought at all to leaving by the back door...heck, I'm honest enough to admit that I would do so myself (I'd probably say: "Gee, thanks a lot dad, now that you've shown me the many rooms, can we see the things that go bling please?").

I guess we're all idealistic and hopeful to a certain extent, as long as it doesn't interfere too much with our quest for wealth or status that is. Well, I personally see nothing wrong in that. In fact, I do admire loads of people out there who've worked hard to get where they are and those who are striving to achieve their dreams. These guys just don't sit on their asses and complain how unfair or cruel the world is, you know the type, those walking around with a chip on their shoulder. Everything takes hard work, and if someone is more successful than the other, most of the time is because they've worked harder. And even if they didn't, and if their wealth is due to inheritance or luck, well, who can blame them eh? Just because one is born rich it doesn't make it a sin right?

I know that Gandhi once said that one of the greatest sins was wealth earned without hardwork, but hey, what's a guy to do? Just say no when his daddy makes him managing director of one of his companies? Of course not.

I know some of my friends who bitch and moan about some of our other successful friends who are either from rich families or somehow were lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. Well, I can't really understand why that is, I've always believe the measure of a person is how much that person's worth without all his or her wealth, be it rich or poor. Yeah, there is a general assumption that the richer they are, the bigger assholes they become. Not true I think, 'cos I know plenty of assholes who are poor.

What I hate most are people who are dishonest, I'm sure all of you can relate to this. I think we've all come across these sort before...those who come at you with smiling faces yet their always weighing you up and seeing if you're any use to them, or those who befriend you under false pretenses. Even worse, dishonest people who are posers. And luckily, and I'm ever grateful for that, my experiences with that sort have been kept to a minimal (on my count, the last time I've come to know such a person was round last year, and happily, by some fortunate twist of fate, our paths haven't crossed since...and not too sound hateful or anything, but good riddance to bad rubbish I say). I can actually count myself lucky that most of the people whom I can safely call friends are the coolest and most honest bunch of people one could know. Sure, they're not perfect, but neither am I. I think what works best is that we all understand each other, and never overstep our mark.

Shakespeare once said that friendship is constant in all things except for the affairs of love, yet I think I'd disagree on this point. I can safely say that I can trust my close friends even when it comes to that, I know they won't fuck me over just for some broad (and I've known it to happen too, where a so-called friend completely screwed up another friend's relationship by putting his nose in where it didn't belong). And I think that having that trust is good, because every relationship, be it friendship or romantic is built on that foundation. But once trust is lost, than it's not so easily gained (I think we've all seen both sides of that). It's so much more fulfilling to work hard for someone other than yourself, than you know you're truly blessed for you've found someone you're willing to put all that grit and effort for.

Right, back to what I was saying, I think that in the end, the choice that we invariably would make of choosing what we desire in terms of materiality as opposed to say, sprirituality, is not wrong, superficial as it is. Nothing sinful about it, as long as it doesn't involve us cheating, lying or stealing. Money can't buy happiness, but it's a start eh. I think fulfilment comes in when at the end of the day, you know you've put in the effort, and can enjoy the rewards, not on showing off or so you can undermine someone. The only one you have to prove yourself to is of course yourself. And I think it is the noblest of things that one can do is to strive hard to provide the best they possibly can for those they love.

Well, on the flipside, I also see nothing wrong with people who aren't so driven with the pursuit of financial success. Some people are more easily content than others, doesn't make it bad or a sign of weakness. I know that doesn't go with certain people, but hey, like I said, everyone's different. Some people are just more ambitious than others. In the end, I guess it's always up to what we want in life, and if we can be happy. It's always a bad sign if we just get by day to day, content only because we're too scared or lazy to do better, and it's also a bad sign that we're so engrossed with our great pursuit that we forget to live a little.

So to those of my chums who are going off for pastures anew abroad, I wish you guys all the best. Just remember to support the right EPL team when you're there eh. And those of you still sticking around busting your asses of on your present jobs, get rich or die trying, well no actually, but you get what I mean. To you from Tinuviel, you'll be achieving those goals of yours sooner than later, just have a bit of faith in your immense abilities. Just look how far you've gone already. And finally to you dwelling upon the white tower, it'll be only a matter of time before you realise those dreams you set to achieve. But you knew that already. Ah who are we if not for those dreams? Such is life.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

29. Random Thought For The Day

Aww man! Is it just me, or does things seem to repeat itself in really disturbing cycles...kinda like events always somehow replicating themselves in some warped Groundhog Day-like reality, only instead of one day, it can be like every 2 years or so...but only if you follow certain rules or conventions, if you choose to skip them or somehow alter these rules, then the period could double itself...or sometimes even's all about knowing which ones to follow and which ones to break...ok, I'm in no way alluding that we live in some rule-set predetermined universe (ala Matrix) here...or am I??? Yes, my friends, drink on that...ok, that's it, it just came to me and had to put it down in paper...and yes, my heart silently weeps as it observes the deteriorating quality of the posts in this blog...somewhere in Gurgurkhistan there's some poor 3 year-old kid forced into working 20 hour days sewing together soccer balls in a Nike sweat factory and I'm writing about alternate universes here. Typical.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

28. Big Ad

Man, this is hilariously good. Check it out here. Special thanks to Drew for forwarding this to me.