Monday, January 10, 2005

0. The Journey Begins

This is the obligatory first post where every new blogger writes about it being his/her first post. Interesting.

Nothing much to say now. Not much mood to write either, considering the full extent of what's happened in the region being more and more apparent with each passing day has made things harder to think about anything else. Everything else seems trivial eh. Maybe, but someone once told me that nothing is trivial. Everything and every moment counts.

The new year is here. There goes my twenties. Gone in a flash. Not complaining, but just thinking about how life can go on in such a flash when you're too busy living it. Biggest cliche in the universe, but damn true. Strange, it's just like how time flies too quickly when you're sharing those altogether too rare and precious moments with that one person you love and how it passes all too slowly when she's not around.

New year resolutions have not been made. They never are every year actually. No resolutions, just hopes and prayers to all those caught in the eye of nature's fury. Just wished that I had something more to offer other than old clothes and donations. Hope that whatever wave of aide and donations last till the very end, and not only when the cameras are around.

Ok, that's all for this first post. Actually not really a first post. But a pre-first post. Am I making any sense yet? Nope, I didn't think so.

Some acknowledgements before signing off, many thanks to that mixed breed (half Swede, half Chinese, all crap) friend of mine Olie for introducing me to this site. A good outlet as any to vent out my frustrations as a writer who never was. To my best mate from back then (no names here), thanks for providing me with loads of experiences to write home about, you crazy bastard you. I'll do my best to do you justice, but since you don't read anything non-porn related, well, you'll just have to take my word for it.

And most of all, the biggest thanks to an absent friend (wherever she is, hope she's always happy and sunny). Thank you for always believing when none did. The promise of Timeless beckons to be kept. It will be.

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