Saturday, July 30, 2005

27. Hope

Sometimes someone does or says something that'll hurt or disappoint the person they love most. That someone would of course immediately regret it and try to make amends, hoping that all that had happened would be forgiven and forgotten.

And most of the times it is, for forgiveness is but a few softly spoken words, usually said because it is so yearned by the wronging party.

Thing is, words are mere words, and never truth. Truth is in the heart, or how the heart changes. Whatever that's happened can never be undone, no matter what comes to pass after. It will always remain like a shadow that's fallen between them, a presence unspoken yet ever present.

And because of this, things can never be the same again, no matter how hard one tries. Perhaps time and space can mend such things, perhaps not. It is left to that who had wronged to keep trying, keep seeking true forgiveness, one that would clear those darks clouds and bring sunshine back as how it was before. Maybe it won't happen, maybe it will, but nonetheless one must try, try and hope, for the cost of losing is too great to bear, and the prize of succeeding is more precious than all the jewels in the world.

"Was it something I said that made you angry with me,
Made you dig a deep river to keep you from me?
Oh, the water is rushing, come to sweep me away
'Less I die of sorrow, I will cross it today.

I would build me a bridge a hundred meters long
To see the other side of what I did wrong.
Well you say you don't hate me, but I guess that I'm scared
That with a river between us, you'll no longer care.

I would build a boat, and paddle agaist all sorrow.
And if I sail down the river, I'll be back again tomorrow.
I would face cold death, run and leap to your side.
And if I fall in the river, I'll be warmed by your sight.

I would beg your forgiveness for the pain that I've fed
And I'd find the source of the river you've bled.
Then I'd close the gates of the dam I built there.
And never again will you have anything to fear.

Well I never knew that your tears ran so deep.
But when I'ved dammed those tears, I will kiss your sweet cheek.
I will hold you close 'till your tears finally cease.
And I'll sing you a lullaby and bring you peace."
- Marc Gunn, The Bridge

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