Monday, November 21, 2005

46. White Fire

We're all just a bunch of mean bastards, the human race I mean. Seriously, the lengths we go, the depths we sink, the utter depravity of our actions just to squeeze out a miserable laugh or two is just downright disgusting. Disgusting, and of course, bloody hilarious. Remember the whole Kerpal and dog-kicking incident prank call? It's become the stuff of legends on the net. Well, this is something similar, this time from our neighbours across the causeway. Click here and have a listen.

On another note, it looks like 2005 is on it's final legs. We've made it so far, just barely, and as we huff and puff our way to it's end, this blog would like to get a jump-start on everyone else by taking the time to reflect on the year that was; the highs, the lows, and the downright bizarre (as Liverpool demonstrated by incredulously coming back from 3 nil down to win the Champions League). Well, what would your one abiding memory be?

This weekend I witnessed something that all of you would count yourself lucky not to have seen. This happened when I was at the usual kickabout session at the public field in PJ. There were less attendees this time round due to the heavy downfall earlier, but there were many other groups doing their own thing, with a few rugby games going on.

Round 6.30 pm, we all felt it. First there was a blinding flash of white light, then a loud ear-splitting explosion. At first we were all stunned, and just looked at one another. Then, moments later we saw a bunch of people running to a part of the field. Kids shouting and screaming. It seems that nature's wrath had come visiting upon us. Some people had just been struck by lightning. I saw two kids, not more than 12 years old, being hurriedly carried away. Another adult was helped to his feet. He thankfully looked ok. The other two, the kids, were unconscious.

Thanks to many helpful and concerned people, they got everyone down to the hospital pretty quick. Then before we knew it, the skies opened up, and the rain fell again. This time furious and hard. As evening shadows fell long and dark, amidst the low grumble of thunder, we made our way from the field. There was no time for words to be exchanged. What the heck could one say at a time like that anyway?

They were just kids man. It could've been any one of us.


daf said...

Shit man, that's like one in a billion or something.

I heard about lightning striking rainy fields and injuring football players. Lightning striking on a clear day is something new though.

I guess we can never predict Mother Nature.

joe said...

Fuck yeah