Sunday, March 12, 2006

55. Milosevic

Farewell to bad rubbish. Responsible for more than 200,000 deaths during the Balkan conflict, the "Butcher of the Balkans" Slobodan Milosevic was found dead in his cell yesterday. He got off easy if you ask me.

If there were really any justice in the world, he should've been castrated and had his limbs amputated. Then they should've displayed that limbless, dickless sodding piece of shit to all the Balkan states he so terrorised and let the public use him as a punching bag. Of course, he'd have to be kept alive as long as possible to be tortured in the worst possible way so they can't really let it get too far.

And what kind of torture should he'd have to endure that would match his crimes? Well, a pulled fingernail now and then never killed anyone. And I kinda like what Adolf Hitler's punishment in hell was as imagined by the South Park creators (the whole daily pineapple up the ass routine). Only instead of pineapples, it should be durians. Additionally, he'd be forced to listen to endless Ricky Martin and Spice Girls songs. Now, that'd be just too cruel.

Below are some other people that have yet to be punished for crimes against humanity. There might hope yet for the world if we can get to them before they get away with that pesky "dying of natural causes" thingy.

Mass murderer and all-round looney, Saddam Hussein

Mass murderer and all-round dumbass, George Bush

Dumbass and all-round dodgy marksman, Dick Cheney

Elder of the two brothers ugly and all-round downright ugly, Gary Neville

Creator of Jar Jar and midi-chlorins and all-round no-necked douchebag, George Lucas


**closer said...

sounds like you're one revengeful dude. how different are you then from the rest of the above? easy death for milosevic, no doubt, but at least there's no a sense of peace and closure for the victims' family. peace and forgiveness, my brother. that's the way to live. cheers.

**closer said...

oopps..shud be 'NOW' instead of 'NO'. haha

joe said...

closure? let me quote what Lord Ashdown (former UN high rep of Bosnia) had to say about the whole thing in an interview with the BBC on Milosevic's legacy and death...

"Well it is closure of a sort. But of course it's not the closure most people wanted - most of his victims wanted, those of us who took part in his trial, and I gave evidence against him in the early stages of his trial and was about to do so again. It's not the closure we sought. Ironically of course, the grim reaper has taken both of these men, Tujman before he was actually indicted on the eve of his indictment, and Milosevic before his process had completed, from us before justice was delivered.

I don't think you will have full closure anyway, until his two primary henchmen, the people with blood more directly on their hands, Karodic and Radic are brought to justice and what I think this tells us is that they now must be brought to justice as quickly as possible and the west and especially the European Union should absolutely insist, without compromise, that that has to happen before Serbia Montenegro can complete its journey into Europe."

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Anonymous said...

no updates?

joe said...

patience my young apprentice