Tuesday, October 17, 2006

85. Shit Happens

Right, I was planning on posting on why Miami Vice absolutely rocks over the weekend (it does you know, for those of you who don't get it, I pity you). But as fate would have it, I found myself fucked over the weekend. Not literally mind you. Figuratively. Meaning that Michael Mann and his bad-ass crew will just have to wait till the next post to unleash their bad-assness to the unsuspecting readers of this blog (yep, all two of you).

Now back to being fucked over. You see, the world is full of assholes. In fact, everyone of us is an asshole to a certain extent. It's just that some of us are, well, bigger assholes than others. This I've known for ages, but to fight against the tide is futile, might as well go with the flow, and hold your breath for as long as you can. As long as their shit doesn't affect you, all can be right with the world eh? But it's always good to be aware of it floating around and avoid it as best as possible, unlike some people who have their heads stuffed so far up their own asses, till they've gone all high on their own shit that their impervious to other people's shit.

Yeah, sure you try your best to avoid it. But alas, you can't swim around without running into a bit of shit forever. Sometimes, it floats right smack in your face. Yeah, and it's pretty nasty. You just can tell when that distinct aroma fills up your nostrils and you have this sickening knot in your stomach.

Ah man. I won't bog you down with the details...the broad strokes? Well, let's just say there was an asshole out there, who did this totally fucked-up thing, which on it's own, I wouldn't have given a rat's ass about. It's just that he did it to me, and thus dragged me into his wonderful world of shit.

Truly it is wonderful. As the light upon the leaves of trees. As the voice of clear waters. As the stars above the mists of the world. Such is the beauty of the world of shit he's introduced to me.

Man, the sad thing is, he's just another one of the many assholes I've had the great misfortune of running into. In fact, I think this fella can qualify to be bestowed that highest rank amongst assholes, the fucktard (thus joining that notorious group consisting of George Lucas, Michael Bay, Rio Ferdinand, Gary Neville, George Bush, the majority of Americans who voted for him, and all those damn Amway nuts who try to convert you to their unholy cause).

The sad thing is, that once elusive bunch are growing more with each passing day. This surely is a sign of the end of times. Shit happens man.


Anonymous said...

drew: you've mellowed down. i've seen worse ravenous-bitter-hate than this before.

joe said...

action speaks louder than words bro...a leopard doesn't change it's spots eh

Gary said...

can't agree wif you any better on these shitheads. funny thing is, people these days, including you and me, are full of shit, so that concludes evidently, whether we like it or not, that we are swimming amongst SHIT!! great piece, yet again, bro.