Saturday, October 13, 2007

137. One Moment

In one moment, the world can be yours...or everything can pass you by...if you let it.

When was your moment?

But there is always hope, especially in light of hopelessness. Dark as Radiohead are, it is the overriding theme in their music. Hope amidst the endless gloom, the claustrophobia of our modern age, the cynism and deep mistrust of everything and everyone.

Though they can take you down into the depths of despair...there are always fleeting moments that offer us hope.

I think humankind are like that. We terrify ourselves every day with the things that we are capable of. We are forever shadowed by this deep and unsettling anonymous fear of where we are at any point in our lives. Are we just forging on blindly and indifferent? Do you know where you are with? Maybe one day, you'd even grow wings...a chemical reaction...undoubtedly hysterical and useless....

So what are we to do? Hold true, to that one moment that we can look at with clear eyes...and a full heart...with love in our for ourselves and one another....because if you have that will last with you...forever...

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