Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A local scene

A local scene
Parade going through outside our window
Of oil, sex scandals and politics
Dangerous combination for a potent potion them
Sides trading polemic blows, ebb and flow
With eyes precariously intent on the pendulum swings
An old adage has it, politicians always lose
Was it power or money or both
But are we still being sold to watch wayang kulit
Or are we taking the steering wheel?
C’mon a spade is a spade

Is the world’s population smarter?
All legit ventures pocket only a small margin
Rothschilds, Morgans and other dynasties had their hands dirty
Before laying their feet on white porcelain
Do the bankers know how to make money going forward
They don’t seem to know
Leaving all illegit/immoral endeavours to rub shoulders with the rich & famous
Assassins, investment bankers, cronies, oil tycoons
Imagine their profits if sugar is what they trading
Drug pushers and the oldest profession in the world
Hold up
March away from this Potemkin village
Kindly step into paradisssssse
If each has their way, one would not have to sell anything
A million miles away

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