Monday, September 15, 2008

163. Helter Skelter

The word is out...tomorrow will come and go just like any other day, but it's significance will not be lost on millions of Malaysians. When was the last time anyone remembered what date Malaysia Day fell on? In fact, prior to March 8, did anyone even know what Malaysia Day was?

Everything's oh so different now, eh? 916 is the buzz word on everyone's lips. Yeah, everyone's talking about it with genuine excitement and no little trepidation. But folks, you heard it here first, it ain't happening. Not now, too soon, too chaotic, too uncertain. Nope, but by year's end, we'll be seeing a new PM, and it won't necessarily be Anwar.

I wish to be proven wrong, I sure as hell wish to be left with egg on my face, but I know for sure, as surely as I know that smurfs are blue and Barney is purple that we ain't gonna see the Great Fall anytime soon.

Till then, stay safe out there, and don't let the muppets pull you to their level. Oh no, no, not in this house.

Remember, we had the BN instigated race riots in 1969 (stirred about by the Selangor MB and the DPM), then we had Ops Lalang roughly 20 years later in, after another 20 year cycle, it's following an all-too familiar and disturbing cycle...the loss of political power, the incitement of racial hatred and unruly Selangor MB, a scheming DPM, ISA arrests...

Fuck the government man, they don't speak for us.

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drew said...

An honourable man will assume what is rightfully his. An honourable man will walk away from what is less deserved. Are you an honourable man?