Tuesday, February 24, 2009

173. Random 2009 Stuff

So, the great American stimulus bill of '09 has been signed, sealed and delivered by Congress. Mr Obama's first notable act to revive the ailing economy. More spending. That makes sense. When any decent text-book economist would tell you that savings is the bedrock of sustainable recovery and growth.

The economy will slowly heal, it always does, as it re-adjusts and corrects itself. Then people will once again prosper, and find news ways to create wealth. Then, we'd face this shit all over again. There's always shit to be created whenever people find new ways to make money for themselves. And everyone's complicit. From the bankers to the buyers, from the rating agencies to the regulators. The whole system is flawed and broken. That's why history will always repeat itself.

So be it. That's just how things go.

Anyway, the Oscars. Is it me, or was it kinda, well, lame? Besides Mr Jackman's commendable effort as host, the rest of it just seemed, strangely subdued and no moments of real drama (besides the late Heath Ledger's predictable win and a moving tribute by members of his family). There was a great bit from Steve Martin and Tina Fey though, and a wonderful montage tribute for the departed stars. Mickey Rourke should've nabbed Best Actor. No two ways about it. The Academy does indeed work in mysterious ways.


Well, I've managed to see a few so far, and the best have been The Wrestler and Slumdog Millionaire. Both films couldn't be anymore different, but both are brilliant pieces of art that just re-inforce your belief in cinema after the usual turds that Hollywood dishes out.


World War Z by Max Brooks, best book I've read in recent months, which quite frankly hasn't been many. Stardust is another one, an oldie by goodie. You probably would've seen the film, but the book is so much better. More magical, and tinged with that deep sense of sadness that evokes Tolkien in some parts. Love it. World War Z is a barn-storming good read. Thrilling, horrific and absolutely epic in scope. Kinda reminds me of the joy I had while reading Stephen King's The Stand. It's the definitive take on the Zombie-holocaust genre. Good news is that it's being made into a flick by Brad Pitt's production company. Lukewarm news is that the director is the guy who did Quantum of Solace. Let's see if he can pull it off.

Ok, finally. Just a word of warning to you people out there. Make sure you cover your bare essentials when you sleep (wrapping yourself up like a mummy might help), cos you never know who's snapping pics of you in your unconscious state. Because of course being caught by a sneaker lover's phone camera while asleep automatically makes you a sexual deviant unqualified to serve in office. This is Malaysia after all. Where you can get caught pants down with a local celeb or blow your Mongolian lover to hell and still be the authority on all things moral and decent. You just gotta love this country.

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