Sunday, August 16, 2009

182. My Brilliant Season Predictions

This season, English clubs will be playing for domestic titles only. The EPL should go to Chelsea, unless SAF finds a way to sort Man U out with the preening one's absence. Liverpool are still a striker and creative midfielder short, and Arse will be up there challenging, but unlikely to finish strongly. Man City are unlikely to break into the Big 4 this season, their midfield currently lacks balance, and the likes of Wright Philips and Ireland are not exactly world class.

For Europe, it has to be Barca, and potentially Madrid, if they can sort themselves out in defence and midfield. They have all the right ingredients, mind, but the Pellegrini will have a handful in balancing and pleasing all his attacking forces, especially the once golden, now olden Raul. Guti leaving will be the best thing for them. If I were the coach, my formation for them would be a 4-3-3 as follows:


Sergio Ramos

Xabi Alonso


But hey, I'm just a guy whose sole experience in managing is through playing Football Manager (winning the Champions League 7 times in a row mind)

Watch this space

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