Friday, March 12, 2010


There are numerous dailies in London, for every man, for every caste, for every party, for everyone. Guardian, Times, The Sun, Daily Star, FT, etc. Each with press freedom, each with its responsibility to report the what is happening out there, keeping us informed of what is important where its corruption among members of parliament, Arsenal going into the last eight of Champions League without Fabregas or if there is a hot 36DD girl from Leeds on Page 3.

One thing we count on is that news will be reported, and that duty is in the safe hands of the dailies. There is information, and there will be bias. Guardian isn't always going to agree with the London Standard, Tories v Labour supporting papers. Arguments and bloodspit had and to be had for everyone to read and I can only wish the same for Malaysian broadsheets.

I do understand the need to cushion the bad & embellish the the name of peace. It is striking how there are common themes among mainstreams but not the independents, Strait Times/Star v Malaysiakini/Malaysia Today news. This post by no means illustrates my right or left inclination but anyone who would read any of the abovementioned papers would opined that there are more pressing internal matters to debate, to learn, to action. It is dreadful to think that even in this day and age, information stays premium.

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