Tuesday, June 08, 2010

197. The Weight of the World

Sometimes it's placed on your shoulders. Not that you want it. Or seek it. But it's there nonetheless, and it is yours to bear.

The stamina for life...who can deal with it eh? You gotta keep working at it, one day at a time. What's the alternative? Go loco and start a Fight Club? Ah, if only we could. But we're too chicken shit. No one goes walking barefoot in the park any more. There is no magic left to be discovered. Technology and convergence has seen to that.

One day the spark will come again. But not today. Nay, today is a time to contemplate the vast emptiness of space. And of matter that sucks the light out of the universe. Like some monstrous invention of Lovercraft.

In fact, I'm feeling like one his deranged protagonists at the moment, just a step beyond insanity, having borne witness to the horrors that lurk just beneath the surface of our reality. Horrors that are just out of reach from the human eye, but lurking...waiting...ancient and sleepless...malevolent and hungry...

Be warned constant reader...though I may take the mantle of the unreliable narrator, there is yet truth that escapes these dastardly musings.

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