Sunday, July 25, 2010

203. Incept This, Motherf#@ker!!!

Now if inception was truly possible, I'd go deep into my own dreams, delving into the furthest and darkest regions of my subconscious mind...and plant the idea that I was Chuck Norris.

Now how cool would that be? I'd karate chop my way to the top, making people my beeeyatches by just looking at them as I went about my way, throw a good flying kick or two, all the while roaring like freakin' one would be able to stop me, no one... ROARRRRRRR!!!!

By the way, catch the flick while you a year that's been absolute shite for movies, this and Kick Ass are the ones that stand out. I just wished Chris Nolan would polish his action scenes, maybe take them up a notch or two...right now, they're still a dreary and confusing mess...he should pick a few pointers from Cameron, now that's a fella who could shoot action. Or if he wanted to go the realistic route, at least get some of the intensity of a Michael Mann shoot-out like in Heat or Miami Vice.

Makes you wonder how awesome Norris and his timeless mullet would've looked under the direction of Mann.

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