Wednesday, September 15, 2010

211. Insufferable

Apparently I still suffer from the odd bout of version of insomnia that is, meaning I stay wide awake at night and force myself to get up come early morning, getting all zombied up for the betterment of mankind and to preserve humanity. Or was that to perverse humanity? Hmmm, I forget. One of those. Hehe hihi.

If I was a Lala blogger, I'd go like kenot sleep wor...try so hard tired dy...wan to die die oso kenot hor?

If I was an UMNO stooge who so happened was also the DPP, I'd go...ashtray...ashtray... ashtray... before I start to demonstrate how one might strangle oneself...

And if I was Chuck Norris...well I'd just roar...ROARRRRRRrrrrr!!!!!

Things don't bottom-up in Malaysia...the shit just keeps getting deeper and deeper...without end...some say elections are round the question is...who are these people? And where did they come from? And how the hell did they make me quote them? What would Chuck Norris do in this situation? He'd fucking drop kick those motherfuckers is what he'd do.

Wake up...that should be the anthem for Malaysians everywhere. You the Arcade Fire something about it. No more quibbling, no more griping from afar. Just. Do. It. Impossible is Nothing.

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