Friday, January 21, 2011

223. Happy?

This suddenly occurred to me...when was the last time that I felt truly happy? Not talking about Chelsea winning the double last season happy here, or that relief mixed with joy emotion that washes over you once you've finished something really difficult either.

I'm talking about that feeling you could only feel deep in your heart. When for a time, all is perfect. When everything fits as it should be. And there's nothing in weighing in the mind, encroaching like an unwanted guest. Real happiness here.

Strange, but I can't remember. Only I do. Probably years ago when I still knew what happiness meant.

Now it's just a mess. Life does that to you puts your judgement off. Drats, and it's a real bummer. I mean that.

I sometimes wonder about how things came to be like they are and how the choices we've made in life led us to the place we are now.

We can't all be who we set out to be in life. Every dreamer must awaken. And though time might pass you by sometimes, there are always other things out there.

But who knows eh? Never too late to start dreaming again.

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