Monday, May 02, 2011

230. Striking Distance

Chelsea are within striking distance with Man U. The path to glory is fraught with peril...but that path lie in their hands. Win all remaining, and they will be champions, FACT...only goal difference or the event that Man U drop more points after their Old Trafford duel will change that fact...

If Chelsea go and win it, then it would be one of the greatest comebacks...EVER. This beats last season's Double any day. Especially in light of what would've been a hopeless season. That shows to prove that you always should keep hope, especially hope in light of hopelessness. There's always a chance.

Osama can be gotten at after 10 years and countless cold trails...democratic revolutions can sweep the Middle East after decades of tyrannical regime rule...Even Liverpool can come back from 3 nil down against Milan.

Chelsea can do it, if they remain steadfast and not be distracted by talk. The time for talk is over. If ever there was a time for action, then it is now. Here and now.

C'mon you Blues!!!

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