Saturday, December 24, 2011

Insanity of Jordan 11 Concord

23rd Dec would have been circled since the start of the year for sneakerheads. Its re-release 12:00am this morning of Jordan 11 Concords was met with hysteria all around the world.

To begin to understand the hysteria you’d have to be one of us. For the people who love shoes, explaining or understanding the fascination is beside the point. The latest Jordan 11 re-release has played out like the golden ticket in Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, but with web servers and eBay and overwhelmed shoe stores everywhere. Exactly the way it happened 15 years ago, when the shoes first hit the market.

Jordan 11s are the one shoe that really did feel magical when it came out. There's never been an athlete so magnetic like Michael Jordan, and he lent a mystique to shoes that we'd never seen before or since.

In 1995 he was at the height of his powers. He'd just left the NBA for a year and a half, leaving the whole world begging for more, and then sending the world into ecstasy when finally decided to come back. And as we all became entranced by the Jordan mystique again, he was out there wearing these that futuristic-looking patent leather wrapped around the bottom of his shoe. If there'd been any doubt that he was the coolest athlete on earth, his shoes ended that debate.

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