Saturday, November 03, 2012

252. Firestorm Dawn

There's this great book I've been writing in my head for the past 21 years. Round and round my mind and my heart it swirls, sometimes manifesting in actual chapters written, most times not. It started as an entirely different tale initially, and it evolved over time and space. I'd like to think that it had a life of it's own.

So what's it about? God knows. All sorts I guess; redemption, renewal, betrayal, conciliation. All that. Will it be epic? Well, in my mind it is. Grand in it's scope and ambition. It's been brewing so long now, most likely because, deep down inside, I know I probably wouldn't be able to pull it off, with my limited powers as it is as a writer that never was. But can I ever be that writer I want to be? Perhaps...not.

The kind of tale I'd like to tell wouldn't be those intellectual books with a lot of symbolism and hidden meaning. Nay, what I'd really love to write is an old-fashioned yarn, one about virtuous and not-so virtuous heroes and diabolical and not-so diabolical villains, with fair and not so fair damsels in distress. In a world where there's black and white, and the varying shades of grey in between. With flawed and doomed protagonists who are sometimes antagonists. Where beginnings are endings, and endings are beginnings. A tale without end. Confused yet? Yes, so am I.

How will it begin? With a prophecy of course. The closing of the circle revealing a new one opening. Set in an alien world that perhaps is not so alien. In a desolate land, probably called the Scorched Lands, which may have been green and lush once. The whisper of prophecy still exists, as what is written centuries old will ultimately come to pass, if there are enough who believe.

It's probably during a time of decay, a passing of an age...the noontide of past glories are soon faded and forgotten, replaced by new ideals and beliefs. As Dylan would say, the times they are a-changin'...true that.

Now, the time may come, if I discover some hidden writer superpowers, that I actually get started on the damn thing and hopefully finish it. It shall be glorious time, oh yes it shall. The birds will sing sweeter and the sun will shine brighter. Milk and honey will flow in the lands, and there shall be fair tidings across for all who dwell therein.

Oh yes indeed.

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