Sunday, April 17, 2005

14. Interlude

Will get on with that rather excruciatingly labourious essay on USA '94 in a moment. But first, let's hear a word from our sponsor. Well no actually. Just wanted to comment on Chelsea's progress in the Champions League and the overall football season so far. Well, since we're on the subject of football anyway. Actually am writing this to kill time as I've somehow found myself stranded in Starbucks cause is bloody pouring outside. Worse still is the fact that I can't go for my Sunday evening kickabout. It never ceases to amaze me how the weather always conspires to prevent a guy from having his one and half hour's worth of exercise for the day. The whole day the weather's just so fine and dandy, and just 5 minutes before you're due to go, slam bang it starts to bloody pour. This rant can go on, but let's leave that at that eh. Also, it's wishful thinking on my part but perhaps by me writing something about football, it'll somehow cause a ripple in the space time continuum that'll inadvertently lead to sunny skies and a happy game of Sunday football for all. Yes, it makes no sense, heck, it's insane actually...but let's give it a shot here.

Anyway, back to more rational things. Am of course elated that the Blues are doing well, a team that's I've suffered much with through the Gullit, Vialli and Ranieri eras. What a game against Bayern. Lampard's been playing brilliant, as is Drogba (still am unsure if he's worth that 24 million pounds though). Am also delighted for Liverpool. Well done. I've always been a fan of Benitez and the way his sides play. And in Xabi Alonso, they have a gem of a player. They really played a horribly inept Juve off the park. Liverpool under Benitez have the potential to do well next season and good luck to them. But not too much luck eh for the semis.

Honestly though, this year's Champions League has been plenty poor fair. Perhaps the absence of Barca have something to do with it, but the games on show in the latter stages haven't exactly been an advert for exciting attacking football. The best attacking sides are out, meaning Arsenal, Real Madrid and the great Barca. What we've seen is more pragmatic approach that's winning out, as supremely demonstrated by the great AC Milan. And even the English teams are doing well, albeit with a more continental approach to games (and yes, I'm left to eat my words after comments made in an earlier post). And look, another important fact to note is that I've been writing this piece for a good ten minutes and it's still bloody pouring.

My thoughts on the football season in Europe? Chelsea worthy winners of the EPL for their girt and consistency, Arse and Barca the most entertaining teams to watch, AC Milan the best team in Europe by a mile (though the best team doesn't necessarily win it eh), Gerrard the most overrated player (Xabi Alonso being the more cultured and effective performer), Real Madrid the team in most decline (the great Zidane no longer has the legs or the will to do his usual magic) and the best players? I'd say Totti (still phenomenal for Roma, not always so for Italy), Shevchenko (best striker in the world at the moment), Henry (he's always up there, genius), Lampard (consistently consistent), Xavi (together with Deco brilliant in the middle for Barca), Cech (soon to replace Buffon as the best keeper in the world), and of course there'd be the defenders; Terry, Puyol, Gallas, Ferreira, Zambrotta and the ageless Maldini.

My hopes for the rest of the season? Well, Shearer to win FA Cup with Newcastle (though I hate the bugger, he deserves that much for practically carrying them all these years). Chelsea to meet Milan in CL finals. May the best team on the night win that one. Gerrard to stick with Liverpool, he owes them that much for all his inconsistent displays this season. That, and the fact that he's no good for Chelsea (would prefer some one like a Totti or a Xavi).

Wait, miracles happen. The heavy rain has abated. The field's probably like a paddy field now. Bugger that, am going anyway.

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Setan Merah said...

i actually feel sorry for that Shearer fella... but what to do. The better team won on the day =)
And as for Chelsea my friend.... may the football gods smile on the EPL team of 2005... the Premeirship may be in the bag but there's still alot to do in the CL.

For me... i will be waiting for 21 May 2005. Hopefully Van Nistelrooy and his boyz can deliver an FA Cup final worthy of the occasion... Glory Glory Man Utd....