Thursday, December 29, 2005

49. Happy Thoughts

I really should be writing more due to my long lay-off (which by the way has been extended by another two weeks), but somehow I've gotten myself preoccupied in doing what the common degenerate would do if he or she were faced with the predicament I've found myself in at this most festive of seasons, which is being forcibly stuck at home with extremely limited mobility. I've taken to planting myself in front of the television and errr, staying put for hours on end.

So far, in the two weeks since my injury, I've managed to download and watch two and half seasons of Arrested Development, the two full seasons (including Christmas specials!) for The Office, as well as one and half seasons of it's American version. I also managed the first season of Rome, and watched re-runs of the two seasons of the wickedly hilarious Entourage.

Ahhhh, such bliss...just soaking it in front of what Harlan Ellison infamously dubbed the "Glass Teat". Heck, even as I write this, I've got half and eye on the Merseyside derby (which Liverpool incidentally is leading 3-1 at the moment).

Anyway, out of those series I mentioned, just gotta say that Arrested Development is the funniest show on the telly now, pure genius. Too bad it's just so underrated. The Office is of course the funniest thing that ever was (the US version is not bad, but can't really scale the heights of it's predecessor). And for those of you who haven't heard of Entourage, I recommend you download it.

Right, this is going nowhere. Writing absolute rubbish. Ok, once I snap out of this stupour I've found myself in will try to write something of note. Which won't be anytime soon I may add. Cheers, happy holidays.

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