Saturday, December 31, 2005

50. Tabula rasa

The unformed mind, before it receives the impressions gained from experience. Untouched by prejudice or any preconceived notions. A direct translation from Latin is 'scraped tablet', and according to the John Locke (the 17th century philospher, not the character from the series Lost), it's the theory that the human mind at birth is a clean slate, and that the individual is free to shape his or her own soul from the sensory experiences they gain as they go through life.

It's the new year, and time for many to start anew with others on a clean slate. Maybe some deserve a second chance. It's the new year after all. Let's just see how this year end goodwill lasts eh.


Anonymous said...

found this website,

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errrr okie!

joe said...

u got that link from a mutual friend's blog right? did it do u any good?