Monday, July 10, 2006

72. Triumphant

Call if fate. Call it luck. Call it sheer force of will. Whatever it is, Italy are the champions of the world. Deservedly so for the tournament they had. France were better on the night, but Italy has been better over the month. Ironic that it was Trezequet, he who broke Italian hearts in Euro 2000 with that golden goal, who was responsible for the only missed penalty of the night.

And Zizou? Brilliance is often tempered with madness, and it was on display for all the world to witness. First the impish penalty. Then the violent headbutt. Whatever his sin on the night, no one can take away his legacy. The best player since Maradona. The genius who made the ball sing. Au revoir Zizou.

Stand up for the Champions now. Stand up.

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