Saturday, December 16, 2006

89. The Circle Closes

So we're back again after a prolonged absence. These few months surely would've been excruciatingly slow for those few of you out there inclined to waste precious moments of your lives you would never get back by lurking 'round the dodgy underbelly of this blog.

Well, rest assured there is much soul destroying yet left to do. Truly.

Ok, first up. Again hail and farewell to newly departed and returning friends. Taking that westward journey overs the seas, into Tolkien's hitherland perhaps? That yearning is too strong for some to ignore. As how the call of Valinor was too strong for the Vanyar and the Noldor. And to friends washed upon these shores again, greetings for we are well met once more. Ave atque vale!

You know, the year is about to close again. And I really wish that there was more sunlight to reminisce about at it's end. Yet, light is always tempered with darkness, and this year is the same. Wouldn't it be a joy for once if you could be the bearer of only fair tidings? Eddie Vedder must've felt the same way when he sang that he wished he was a messenger and all the news was good.

Yet it never is, and never can be. I just wish those affected will have the sheer strength of will to get past these trying times. For it doesn't rain all the time.

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