Monday, December 04, 2006

Quotes, Part 1

‘I’m on my way, just leaving the house now’ – this blog owner replied on the mobile to me, who have been waiting outside his house for the past 10 minutes.

‘Should we pick an ABBA song?’ – a cheeky banker clicking his choice song on the karaoke remote with his thick fingers.

‘I think I should choose songs I can sing next time I do karaoke’ – yours truly saying out loud what’s on my audible tortured friends’ mind.

‘People are getting married so quickly after coming off their long relationship with their ex boyfriends’ – affectionately known as ‘mpg’ for most popular guy.

‘Seriously, it doesn’t matter what you call it, but if he listens to you – why not try for asking for a mobile or a house?’ – mpg.
‘He already bought me a new phone. See.’ – who may be a biggest player amongst my friends.

‘Okieeeee’ – with emphasis when asked when is the next Phuket trip.

‘Eh I think you have put on weight’ – an ex-stewardess, in a perfect example of pot calling the kettle black.

‘I have mentioned it to him at the very start that I’m non committal’ – player.

‘Are you still waiting for the dvd?’ – doe-eyed, my hope crushed by this with a cold blooded chuckle.

‘There is nothing wrong staying in London, manager, manager lah’ – a returned secondee on life back in KL. The concession was priceless.


joe said...

drew meister, welcome to the world of dastardly musings...have many joyous postings ahead...

joe said...

part two? where art thou?

Anonymous said...

i lost my way again..need to find that login again mate.

joe said...

ya' mon