Thursday, May 10, 2007

113. ARRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No Champions Part Trois this time round. No Champions League trophy either for that matter. No complaints there. A victory for either Chelsea and Liverpool in both competitions would've been an indictment on football as we know it. Thank heavens for Milan. Now that's how football is supposed to be played, bloody English muppets the lot of ya. Strange that both teams are coached by Continental types...

Let's hope that Milan win Europe's premier competition then...this is in no way a case of sour grapes or anything, it's just that Milan actually play football, and Liverpool don't. Period. Neither do Chelsea for that matter but I've been cursed enough to have stuck with them through those lean mean years for so long, now that they've actually started winning something, it'd be pretty looney to bail out now. And besides, it's nice to rub it in to those Arse and Liverpool fans once in a while (ok, not Liverpool fans this season) for all the shit I had to take from them in days gone past. So how does it taste, Arse-wipes? A bitter pill eh? You betcha. Snowball that one while you're at it.

Ok, this will be the last footie rant on this blog regarding this pretty disappointing season. Let's hope Chelsea at least win another one to make up for it. And that Milan win the CL for football purists as well. And that next season, things will look up for us all.

Enough already of this muscular powerplay football nonsense. En0ugh about the hyperbole of the EPL. Enough of pansy-assed divers and over-paid and over-hyped players. Enough of local fans orgasming or throwing an emofag tantrum whenever their fav team from a million miles wins or loses, you weren't fucking born there remember, so what's the deal buddy? Do you think that some bloke in Manchester blows his wad whenever Perlis wins in our retarded excuse for a professional league? Hell no. He'd probably sooner fuck a chicken than watch one of our local games live.

And, one last thing, enough about all the whining and whingeing from those so-called top-notch managers over there. You're all fucking paid millions to do the best job in the world, so stop bitching like a street corner hooker already. Just get with it.

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drew: this might cheer u up.