Monday, May 21, 2007

114. Ghosts

We are all haunted to a certain extent. The ghosts of old flames, lost chances and past failures remain with us to the end of our days, sometimes tinged with sorrow and regret, sometimes tempered with sweetness. Memories are what we have and what we leave behind, never truth, for truth is always lost amidst the haze of what the heart longs to remember, as opposed to the starkness of reality.

That's why, it's with the upmost conviction that I can say that Chelsea were deserving champions in the FA Cup finals. Even though they were really rubbish. And that it was the worst game of football I've seen in my life. But, I will nonetheless savour this sweet victory in the twilight of my days as if Chelsea played like Brazil and beat the equally gifted opposition in a 7 goal thriller. Sweet is the taste of this day's wine.

Oh yes indeed.

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