Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ol' blue eyes

This photo is the main reason for this post. It's all over Manchester..*shivers*
Yes, Sven is back with City. He spent millions on players he saw on TV only. He asked one of his new signings, 'Why do you want to come to Manchester United?'. Their new owner was recently issued an arrest warrant while on self-imposed exile here. This dodger must be thinking the mud doesn't stick in England.

But the Blues are 2nd in gameweek 2. Let's hope Mr. Ol' Blue Eyes keeps his finger on the trigger. True City fans will say they can afford to lose in their Manchester derby this weekend and still be ahead of the champs. Happy days indeed for the north west blues.
Ol' blue eyes is fill in your punchline.


joe said...

There is life yet in this blog. Things are looking up...Man U are 4 pts behind the likes of Everton and Man City, and two above Tottenhan "paid 16.5 million pounds for Bent" Hotspurs. And Chelsea are looking good, oh yes indeed.

Anonymous said...

Drew: There's a different feel to this season, a different electric. all the 'regulars' are crocked and unknown names/new faces/writeoffs are tearing up the league.

I must admit, my fantasy team is languishing perilously at the bottom half like the mighty Spurs.

But this reminds us all (not you, but you hopping on the bandwagon) that once again, football game is won on the pitch and not on paper. Now say it with me.

Anonymous said...
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