Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Dyer Hell

During last season's run in, among Fulham, Charlton, Sheffield Utd & West Ham, Neil Warnock is the reason why my girlfriend preferred the Blades to be relegated. Besides cute behinds and high cheekbone, the manager's attitude and appearance during his post-match interview also counts for points in the female EPL table. Jose would've won the Premier League hands down until perhaps Justin Timberlake takes over a club. As for me, due to geographical reasons, I would prefer the London clubs to stay up too. However, the league needs more colourful characters. I've been subject to the mind games with the same few old men, name-calling, from Arsene's selective eyesight, no-penalty-zone in Old Trafford, the people vs. the Special One, Liverpool's revolving door of managers. But credit given when credit's due : a special mention to Rafa for his gay goatee and dropping the Little Red Riding Hood reference in this current young season.

Back to Blades, Neil was brutally honest to a fault, if you listen to him moan, you get to know the slippery inside track of what went on in EPL locker room of players and managers. Most managers will bite their tongue to spit out what's really on their mind when they're on tv, Neil would occasionally due to rage & overwhelming emo, break that unspoken rule.

That team was always willing to fight and scratch, a genuine 9-5 effort you'd expect from the working class, on the pitch. It's not to say their football is easy on the eyes, Blades football. And sexy cannot to be put in the same sentence. They had themselves all to blame, Carlos Tevez or not, had they not taken the foot of the pedal when they were 10 points clear at a point in time, they would've stayed high and dry. But this you already know.

The Hammers have been collecting bad boys with bad reps, and using a corny line from a corny movie or maybe they've watched Any Given Sunday one too many times, they vowed to use their dark side to become masters of the universe. From cowboys to angels. From New York Knicks to Spurs. From Robbie Williams to Westlife. However since their Icelander owner revolution, the Hammers injury jinx have been well chronicled, starting with Upson, Neill, Ljundberg, Parker and now Dyer (see pic, Ouch! and see what number he's wearing). Somewhere in east London, Craig Bellamy is sweating his pants as we speak.

There's no crying over split milk for Sheffield Utd to West Ham, time heals everything. At the rate of how both clubs are doing, they can knock themselves out in the Championship next year.

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