Monday, September 03, 2007

127. That Trance-y Feeling

Everyone has their favourite clubbing experiences. Those memorable nights out that somehow stick with you and makes you grin just thinking about it. If you were to compile one of those top five lists like Rob Fleming did in Nick Hornby's High Fidelity on your best ever clubbing nights out, what would it look like?

For me, no. 1 would be that night out when me and my mates figured we check out this famous East German dj who was spinning in the now-defunct Movement. The dj in question was Paul van Dyk, and it turned out to be the most awesome clubbing experience ever, I shit you not. PvD absolutely and completely ruled over all things that night, and we didn't even have to get high to enjoy ourselves, that's how bloody good he was. You couldn't believe how psyched the crowd was, there was this electricity and energy in the air unlike I've ever known. That was magic man, pure magic.

I've been a fan of electronic dance music ever since. For me, nothing even comes close to having real good house or trance music in a club or going for a good rave. Now, don't get me wrong, listening to a bit of pop or hip hop or rap at a club is fine and all, but it's just not the same feeling. It just doesn't have the same buzz, or the kinetic energy.

Now almost 7 years later, I'm counting my lucky stars that I got to hear him spin again over the weekend, and I'm happy to say that it easily makes no. 2 on my list. The only reason why it doesn't top that night out in Movement all those years ago is that nothing beats the first time. But his show was magnificent, and the crowd was fantastic, well most of them anyway. I'm not even going to get started on some jerk-offs who came in their fancy coats and gowns like they were going to the bloody opera and other creeps who were hunting for drunk or spaced out meat. Other than that, it was way awesome, and I've seen a dj who got the crowd so amped before.

Ok, I'm going to end this gushing tribute to all things trance-y before it turns out to be too gay. I'm partially deaf as I write this, but so blissfully happy, fuck yeah. Lemme just sign off with a top five list of the best trance/house/electronic dance music tracks ever.

1. Halcyon (Airscape Remix) - Chicane
2. Gouryella (Armix Remix) - Gouryella
3. Words - PvD
4. Sunchyme - Dario G
5. Komodo (Tea Mix) - Mauro Picotto


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