Thursday, April 17, 2008


Scene: Pasar Road school field
Time: 12.41pm
Day: Friday, waiting for school to start at 2.30pm.

"Hey teacher just asked what my citacita is, has she asked u yet? I think I'll be a doctor next time. My salary next time will be $10,000 then right!", says schoolmate Currypuff.

"Dei, that little la, I'm gonna make a million dollars when i grow up!", so claimed schoolmate Cheezel. A collective, synchronised wow amongst the boys with Cheezel smiling smugly with his grasp of enormity with numbers & his dizzying height of ambition.

"So what comes after a million?" Currypuff asked, while eyeing if the icecream man is still around, slightly distraught if being a doctor doesn't fetch him that number.

"A billion? or is it zillion? I heard it over tv before....Wheel of Fortune, that's it." I answered as i was sorting out my surplus Mexico WorldCup 86 trading cards. Damn, I still need Maradona and a few other Azzurre players to complete my book to claim that cool Nintendo.

Cheezel rejoined us from his brief daydream, 'If i get a billion, I can goto Disneyland, get a Walkman, get all the toys at Toys R Us at City Square and shhh....i don't have to work at all". At this point, Puffy's exasperated look climbed on Chessy's bandwagon and added, "I'll buy a house with swimming pool and badminton courts in it!".

"Oh yea and get one Taiko Tai (a new technology of mobile phone) too!", spraying cold cynical water on Chessy's rocketing dreams.

Scene: Office, aka 2nd home.
Time: 5.21pm
Day: Thursday, waiting for work to end.

Unlike Barbie dolls, fast preposterous money can be real. A dude pocketed a ubercool $3.7 billion in the year 2007 from a fund he started a couple of year ago. That is, $3,700,000,000. Nothing against Warren Buffett or the Google guys, but Paulson here did wicked well in such a short time, some say with Lady Luck licking his ear.

This says a lot of the stock market, capitalism, morale, guts and glory, whichever way you may see it. Anyways, And as how Ali G would salute, R-E-S-T-E-C-P.

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