Wednesday, May 07, 2008

153. RPK

He's a bloody hero that guy. Straight-talking and no-nonsense, sometimes emotional and bleeding insane, always pious, yet confrontational and quick to laughter (with a wicked sense of humour) as he is to anger...most of all, he's a man with conviction and honour, a man's man if you will. There's hardly enough of those around these days. He stayed the course, and never faltered. He's the type who'll stare you down till hell freezes over, and you sure as hell know he won't be the first to blink. No fucking way.

He speaks, screams and cries against oppression, he rallies against injustice, and he carries the hope of the people, for he knows their heart and minds, and he will bleed himself dry for them. He is a knight, a shining beacon amongst the droll grey of the speechless. He will use all his might to bring this land of ours back on course, and his fury will cause the spineless and the corrupt to be fearful, for they know they shall not be spared from his uncompromising gaze.

Thus he is hated and maligned for those with a great deal to hide, and they will use all means to silence him. As they have done now. As we sit idly and watch. Watch truly the Last of the Mohicans be bound in be judged by the those who walk in the corridors of power.

He was there for us when we needed his strong voice, and he delivered. 5 states he helped bring to the fold. Most of all, the signal of intent to those who have long been oblivious to it all, telling them, we have had enough...we want change...and change came...and the praises were sung...for the man who stirred the spirit of the people...who spoke for them when they dared not...

And now...they will act strong and hard, swiftly and brutally...who knows what they are capable of doing? Will international condemnation be enough to stay their hand? Or will they forge ahead, knowing how much of a threat he is? We cannot tell the future, all we can do is act in the present. Let them hear our voice again, let me hear our wrath. Let him know that we stand behind me strongly, and not just through empty words like these posted on blogs...

Remember, the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. Drink on that.

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