Tuesday, May 27, 2008

154. Through the Wilderness

We all get lost in the wilderness at times, some for a short period, others maybe forever. Finding your way home can be difficult, and it is at times perilous, for you have strayed too far that you forget the way back.

So, to all the lost, may you find your way home. To all still wandering, do not stray too far. To all still seeking, I do hope you find that thing that you're looking for.

Nothing's trivial, the moment comes, and it passes...it passes you by if you're not careful.

And probably all that is left are dying embers, ebbing away in the cavernous darkness of the halls of time. Like a fading memory of a blissful dream, at once beautiful and wistful, for it stirs in your heart a deep yearning of what was once before, but now forgotten.

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Anonymous said...

beautiful :)