Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A round of applause?

Notedly there was a round of applause on cost cutting measures by the ministers.

"All cabinet members and deputy ministers will take a 10 per cent cut in their entertainment allowances, effective July 1 will save RM2 billion."

If you pore through all major papers internet websites for details of what their cost cutting entailed, sadly, all that came up was within the context of entertainment allowances. This leaves us with, prior to this publicity stunt they had RM20 billion in their entertainment coffers.

Now after the emotional cost cut, they only have a meagre RM18 billion for their holidays, parties, makan-makan, kenduri, souvenirs, decoration among others. RM18,000,000. Um, how far will that amount go in terms of petrol subsidy. A round of applause?

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