Monday, October 20, 2008

Quotes III

The many essays in a local book, Out of the Tempurung which excites me, each writer's contribution may be history or story of their own views. Much information and counter-information were fed to us via various media means that what was black & white are now grey, unfortunately they weren't disseminated & debated adequately.

"A single flower, which each leaf hides another, each layer covers another layer, jealously hidden. He who knows how to take off the outside leaves will discover unimaginable things, in a difficult voyage in time & space"
- Umberto Eco, Italian writer on Italia..and perhaps our home.

Rakyat exercised their rights, put pencil to paper but Rome wasn't built in a day and earned mandates should be diligently fulfilled. This foul word commonly used, 'crossover' defeats the uni-hope of democracy, we don't need secret squirrels of back entry to move to the forefront. We don't need a Gordon Brown. 51 years of independence taught us many things, but right up there is patient and the right impetus not a 100m dash. Change is what we cried for, we now await delivery and quality.

"Freedom fighters scream & shout in their march for independence, job creation, master of their own land, oppression by the current government. They scream & march for their selfish dream to be the in the very oppressor's damning shoes themselves. To be in at the top of the food chain and have their wish, wimps and self-interest served"
- Kiran Desai, her novel - the Inheritance of Loss

We go on
For the cause
For the kind of cause
That caused we go on
We fucken go on because

"One is a master of what one doesn't say, and a slave of what one who does"
- Franco, one Spanish dictator.

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