Monday, December 01, 2008

166. The PAD, the Big 3, Chelsea and Other Muppets

Damn you PAD. You bunch of elitist, self-serving sonobitches. You spit on the faces of other Thais (particularly the poor ones from Isaan, nevermind the fact that most from Isaan are lemming like Thaksin loyalists). You claim to serve the King, but your only master is your own pockets. But that's not your worst crime. That has to be reserved for storming the bloody airport and ruining a potentially wonderful trip to Bangkok by yours truly.

Damn you, Big 3 auto-makers of the States. You fly in on your private jets in your fancy suits with cup in hand asking the government to bail out your shitty companies that got screwed up 'cos of your mismanagement. It's because of scum like you that the economy is in its present situation. You lot should be anally raped and flayed, with vinegar poured all over your body and made to crawl on broken glass. You greedy little pricks, makes me sick just to write about you.

Damn you Chelsea. For losing to Liverpool, and worse, Arsenal at home. Damn you for causing me to be ridiculed by Drew, Alf, Melv and other Arse/Manure/Scouse-worshipping muppets of the world. There's no way I can ever live this down. Ever.

Muppets. Wipe them out. All of them.

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drew said...

glorry glooRRy Arsenal!!