Friday, May 22, 2009

177. Getting With It

News today on the Appeal Court's decision probably held no surprises for anyone. Even the most optimistic supporter would've figured that you could never really hope for a fair result against that well-oiled machinery of that controls everything. You just have to get with it. Painful as it sounds.

Like Man U's 3rd league title in a row. More painful than having iron hot needles inserted in your eyes. Or being buried in cement with only a blowpipe shoved down your throat as a breathing device, which is slowly but surely filled with termites. But it's done. Get with it.

Or the economy being absolute shite, and that there's nothing being done to address it. Other than the perception of something being done. Perception is not reality. Perception is what you see when you watch the news. But you just gotta get with it eh.

But there are things that have yet to happen that you don't have to bring yourself to stomach just yet. Outcomes that you can change or hope for the best. Like Barca beating Man U next week. Or a certain royal declaring for the dissolution of the state assembly. Or for the revolution of the mind, where perhaps the media-numbed masses open their eyes, raise their voices and take up arms against their oppressors. Hell yeah, I could dig that.

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