Wednesday, June 24, 2009

178. Fortune's Fool

Thus said the heir of Montague, Shakespeare's immortally romantic and tragic protagonist.

Perhaps we are all are, to a certain extent. Some things happen beyond our control, and you just gotta flow with it. Lock and load, push and shove, rock and roll...all that, and maybe more.

We've all encountered a moment in our lives, when we realised, there are larger forces at work, unseen yet present. And in those moments, perhaps there is a little despair, a little joy, and makes us look back with a melancholy dispostion.

What's one to do? Be steadfast perhaps, always keep hope in light of hopelessness, keep joy in the face of desolation.

Keep those promises of your youth, lest we forget it in once the noontide of our glory has come to pass...and swear not by the moon, for it is inconstant.

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