Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Full name: Javier Mascherano
Employer: Liverpool FC
Wanted by: FC Barcelona

Well boys, who doesn't want to play for sexy fantasy football with Barca? It's the only club in the club that pays to have a 'sponsor' on their front kit. World champions as colleagues, the best player in the world (who is Masch's home boy) plays there too. Let's not forget the food, seista, beach and sun, compared to grim, thieving town famous for the Beatles, now 40 years ago.

So what's the hold up in this straightforward conundrum? The same reason I think why Cesc Fabregas is still a Gunner.

If I may quote Russell Peters, "doo the right thing". Pay up Barca.


joe said...

Am sensing lotsa Barca hate here...from an Arse fan, who would've guessed it?

Holding unto Fab is like trying to prevent ejaculation while banging Jessica Alba just to make the experience longer, it's bound to happen no matter what you do...give it up

drew said...

All I'm saying is, respect and don't lowball other clubs. Go get another 100mil loan from the monarch. And Jessica alba is so 2008 :)