Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tantrum in a mall

John Bishop is a Scouse comedian or more accurately a comedian from Scouscer. He has a weekly prime time show, which goes to show that if a Scouscer can get on the Beeb, you know you're overpaying your TV license.

So he talks about parenthood, and the famous/infamous scenario of someone's kid throwing a tantrum in a mall. The parent then, spots you looking, gives you a shrug and forced smile.

Public social étiquette puts that down as an embarrassed parent failing to control his/her own offspring. And you on your high horse, proudly and solemnly swore your kid wouldn't be like that, your kid wouldn't throw any tantrum, your kid is gonna cool, colder than ice cold.

John proceeded, no one wanted a kid with attitude. It's just how it is, kid below the age of five is not going to comprehend beyond basic instincts ala Resident Evil zombies . So the next time you see a combo of a shrug and a forced smile, he reminded, it is not a gesture from an embarrassed parent. Instead it's a message for you to look away as this tantrum can be easily sorted, if you just look away.

Bang on, they may preach you should reason with kids, but it's on they mind to whip the shillbilly outta kid to discipline them here.

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joe said...

Mate, what the fuck are you on about?