Sunday, January 07, 2007

97. The Circle Opens

We're about a week into 2007, and I reckon that many a New Year's resolution has already been broken (it took me all of three days to succumb to that unearthly craving for a fag). So many a resolution broken and hangover sustained, we're really off and running this year.

Right, having already borne witness to a great many and dastardly thing, I've come to the overwhelming conclusion that this will be a good one indeed. Age and numbness of the mind has yet to dim my enthusiasm for life (but ask me again next week and I might answer differently).

There have parties a plenty towards the tail end of zero six, celebrating the return of old friends and to give farewell toasts to departing ones. There has been vows of matrimony exchanged for those poor deluded fools who have somehow found that it's entirely necessary to consummate their love for one another by getting hitched. Alas, those poor sods, God bless their souls the damned fools!

All that good vibes has carried on to zero seven, and fuck yeah, don't we know that it's gonna be a hell of a ride! So stick around folks, and let's partake in this adventure together, and refrain ourselves from partaking in acts of severe retardation (at least till it comes to our birthdays, and we can acted as fucktarded as we want).

It'll only be too long before that shit starts hitting the fan...till then, let's ride this wave of goodwill for a bit eh?

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