Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Quotes, Part Deux

Continuing Part 1.

My hairy friend’s replies when asked the following questions.

‘Tok kok’ – my hairy friend replied about his hair growing back on his dome.
‘Tok kok’ – my hairy friend replied to him putting on weight.
‘Tok kok’ – my hairy friend replied to joining us at karaoke at 12am.
‘Tok kok’ – my hairy friend replied to his handicap of 12 had been inflated by 5.
‘Tok kok’ – my hairy friend replied when his boss was bitchslapping him while gesturing Triple-H signature move on his crotch ( just checking if you’re still paying attention).

‘Yehr right’ – my recently pregnant friend in Melbourne in answer to my suggestion of 'clean' Phuket/Thailand trips.

'It's been raining every damn day since i came home..'
'Yaa, u should go under the sun more - u looked pale & fair like a girl.' - yes mom.

Overheard and seen on the Tube

‘There is no story plot in Mamma Mia’ – err..

Bunny ears/halo hair band.

Yellow leather boots.


Burger from last night.

Today’s dinner (purged).

‘Oo, I heard there’s a scene of Daniel Craig with his swimming trunk’ – girls just wanna have fun.

‘I wonder what Michael Jackson is up to these days’ – a beautiful ‘curious’ mind.

Men wearing silk scarf.

‘Boyzone are regrouping, when is Spice Girls coming together?’- 2007 is looking up already!

‘Everytime I see Peter Crouch, my mind tells me to hit him!’ – I’m not alone.


joe said...

drew, i shall be anal and say that there's it's deux and not duex...heh

drew said...

do i look like i care? f off.

joe said...

there i fixed it for ya just nice and about that darn pot calling the...