Saturday, February 17, 2007

103. Chatterbox #1

Now then, it seems that the nefarious Melvinator has somehow connived his way into this unsuspecting blog. Who is he, and what does he want??? Who knows...all we can do is wait with bated breath and see what comes to fruit from this disturbing development (shudder)...

Speaking of disturbing developments, I've received many complaints (just one) from my loyal fanbase (of just one) that my last post was a tad too mean-spirited. Ahhhh, just makes me want to laugh, cry and stick blunt rusty objects into my eyes at the same time. Ok, considering that it's just after Valentine's, and today being the CNY eve, keeping up in the spirit of these great times, allow me to respond by issuing these very heartfelt, did big bad blogger man hwurt your itsy bitsy tweeny weeney feelings?

Ah, surely I jest. Right, we're all set then. Let's hope that much fun is to be had over this festive time. Good times eating, drinking and mah-jong-ing (and for some, caving)! Whatever it is, no matter how you spend these days, remember it's those whom you share it with that count most, we're amongst family and friends here :)

Remember to drive safe y'all, and keep fighting the good fight. Bright and shiny things!

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